Gameit Product born out of a lifestyle

In Press Start we have always applied natural and universal laws to our products allowing us to understand the pillars of software and its mission in our society. Just as nature has a codebase for all living things, software also shares this universal law where small changes in codebase variables create the variety we observe in the digital products of our age.

It is with this philosophy of life, that our product Gameit was born, based on optimizing and facilitating the development of mobile or web video games and / or applications, where with the change of numerical and / or graphic variables the final result is modified. This gives the customer the opportunity to create infinite variations from the same base. For example, from the same codebase of a trivia, we can create infinite instances, where each one will have its own questions and graphical interface making it unique in the content the end user sees.

To further develop this example, a customer who acquires the Gameit license, can create trivias for different industries and end users without having to have programming knowledge and publish them in minutes from any mobile device or computer.

With Gameit we are able to focus our efforts on enhancing this product, avoiding repetitive actions when programming it, allowing Press Start to create a sustainable business model over time, our team to have a good lifestyle and our customers to receive a product of great utility and value for their business, since they can edit the content of the software we develop for them without incurring in additional costs.

If you are interested in learning more about Gameit and how to access this product, please contact us by clicking here or through our contact page.

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