How our team expand their minds?

Part of the secret for a company to survive in the long term is its ability to evolve, sometimes this means re-inventing itself, others evolve within the industry they operate or at best innovate in it or in another in which it wants to dabble. This theory often stays at that point, just a theory. Because of the day to day work some teams forget to think ahead or stop and analyze where the industry in which they are, is moving to. It is in this area where a team of Digital Nomads has a great advantage. By being able to interact with different cultures and environments , the team is constantly stimulated with new experiences and therefore new ideas come more often.

On the other hand, by living immersed in a routine for long periods of time, human beings bias ourselves by believing that the limit of the world is what has been in front of us, we fill ourselves with unreal fears and we believe everything the media tells us, we rarely question ourselves what is real. On the contrary, when traveling and being in contact with other cultures, we manage to see on our own what is the structure of people in other countries, how they behave, what moves them, what needs they have, what they value and how is their day to day; key elements to successfully position a new product or adapt an existing one to a particular market.

In Press Start we are a team of Digital Nomads that have managed to understand at a more macro level our industry and what needs it has in different countries. This has helped us focus our services and especially, one of our products called Gameit .

With our amazing team and engine of casual games we give our clients an excellent ally to materialize their ideas and achieve the best results for their customers.

In another blog we will tell you more about Gameit.

June 2018

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