Qualities of a Digital Nomad Team

Our team is located in different regions of the world and over the years we have identified what makes us unique. We share five qualities that you should keep in mind when working with a team of digital nomads like ours:

  1. 24-hour support: our team is available in different time zones, which allows us to provide support in non-conventional hours, being very useful since you will have very quick responses to situations that may arise during the execution of the projects.
  2. Proactivity: we focus and like to meet the deadlines with our customers. To achieve this, our team searches for the correct channel and frequency of communication with the client so that each decision taken leads to the goal set.
  3. Competitive costs: if you compare the costs of developing our products in emerging and first world markets, you will find that at Press Start we offer you the best option fixed costs vs. quality. The economic resources that our clients pay are destined to our human capital.
  4. We optimize processes: we focus on making things as practical as possible, avoiding unnecessary processes, thus optimizing each project to the maximum. We offer our clients solutions to improve their processes and / or projects.
  5. Thinking outside the box: many times great ideas come from inspirations during moments other than work and even from other industries. A team of digital nomads has a lot of knowledge since is in contact with different cultures during the year, this brings to you and your project a unique vision, which can help you reach both global and niche markets.
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