10 years working remotely. How have we done it?

Press Start is a software development company that currently has team members in the United States, Australia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Argentina and Uruguay. We have executed projects for clients in the United States, Australia, Paraguay, Bolivia, Brazil, Mexico, Peru and Colombia, working remotely.

From its beginnings, its founders wanted to maintain a freedom in their lifestyle, where personal goals would not interfere with the workplace, especially being able to travel without interrupting income generation. Based on this philosophy of life, they built a business culture around remote work, where the way they operate has evolved during the 10 years of Press Start’s life.

Due to the culture created, the leaders of the company have had the opportunity to live in most of the countries mentioned above, which has allowed them to learn about the business culture of each country and create the personal and commercial relationships necessary to open new markets. 

To carry out the execution of the projects, a team that shares the same values ​​and feels identified with the way of working has been built. It is worth noting that this methodology presents many challenges for the team as they are in different countries, time zones and remote communication is not always easy with some people. As a company, the biggest challenge during these 10 years of work has been finding people who have the needed self-discipline to work remotely, who are proactive and who do not require a supervisor to deliver work at the agreed times.

Throughout its history, this type of work has given Press Start and its team many benefits, even more at this time of world crisis due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) where we are experiencing one of the greatest outcomes of our culture. Our working day has not been affected, unlike the vast majority of companies worldwide, which have been forced to improvise remote work, this being a challenge that requires years of effort and the right staff for this work style.

Today the biggest challenge we face is navigating the times of quarantine and extreme economic slowdown. Although teleworking is not for all types of companies or industries, this time shows us that it is very important to digitalize organizational processes in order to not depend on a physical place to carry out work with the same quality, and most importantly to have the team prepared when implementing remote work becomes necessary without generating any trauma.

If you found this article interesting and want to learn from our experience and tips on remote work, contact us here and we will gladly give you a free virtual talk. Keep in mind that remote work is much more than just having a computer at home.

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