Why do digital products fail at the time of publication?

Today and given the situation of Covid-19, it is very common to see companies forced to digitize their processes, and it is a reality that no one can escape if they want to keep up with the “new ” market conditions, because regardless of the industry they are in, is a must have.

Given our experience as a software development company, we have identified the reasons for why digital products mostly fail during the release phase, which we will be sharing with you here. In this blog we refer to video games, mobile and web applications as digital products.

To start, during the project planning phase, the client is generally clear about the budget and what they want to develop, however, they are unaware that product updates are just as important as the development phase as well as the resources that must be allocated for marketing after the product is published. These two processes are important in time and money, which is why they must be included from the initial phase.

Likewise, it is quite common the client does not know the monetization method they will use for their product. This will depend on the target audience and the platform for which it was developed and it is a topic that deserves attention from the client before starting the development phase since certain payment methods require specific development work to function.

Lastly, it is not convenient to publish a digital product only until the end of the development phase, since giving the users the opportunity to interact with it early will help in identifying and fixing errors and improvements with the user experience. Finally, it is important the client is aware the publication process requires time and external approval in the case of developments for mobile platforms.

Our recommendation as a software development company is, when planning the development of a digital product, take into account the budget and the time required to execute the updates, marketing and publication in order to obtain a return on the investment made. If you are planning to develop a digital product, we invite you to schedule a free session with our team here (Calendly) to help you in your process

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