Doña Gloria

This video game was the debut of Press Start creating its own video games. It was developed for Facebook and was known as “Doña Gloria”, a real and viral event that happened in Colombia in 2011 (can be seen on YouTube). It was a lady named Gloria, who was recorded while using the “Metrocable” in Medellín, Antioquia. In the video, she showed a lot of fear of heights, through the use of bad words and her exalted emotional state.

This video game went viral reaching 175,000 users in a record time of two weeks and was live for 14 months.

The mechanics of the video game consisted of moving the “Metrocable” using the arrows on the computer keyboard, with the goal of scaring the lady and getting her to say as many bad words as possible within a time limit, each word gave points to the player.

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