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In this phase we define what we want to have in the virtual world and the end user’s interaction with it.



We develop the virtual world depending on whether it is virtual reality or augmented reality.



We publish on the desired platforms.


Immersive media experience

Keeping up with technological trends, we bring our services to technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality and motion recognition software.

Experience developing

VR/AR and motion capture

During the last 4 years we have immersed ourselves in the technologies that will be part of our daily lives in the immediate future.

We made a video game with motion capture for a shopping center in Melbourne, Australia, in order to carry out demographic measurements of the establishment’s customers during the holiday period.

Likewise, we have developed experiences with Virtual Reality. This technology is excellent to be used in museums, activation of corporate brands, film festivals or any type of event where simultaneous viewing by several users of the same 360 ​​video in virtual reality is required.

In relation to augmented reality projects, we have developed a mobile application (Apple and Android) that reads beer labels and displays the information about the beer and the brewery on the screen and connects the user with the social networks of the brewery, being a great marketing tool.

If you want to know more visit our portfolio here