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Clear definition of project objectives, usage context, and goals, along with the identification of technical and creative requirements. The implementation platform is defined (e.g., mobile devices, smart glasses), along with the specific augmented reality technologies to be used.



Implementation of the augmented reality experience based on specifications defined in the planning phase. This involves creating virtual content, programming interactivity, and integrating augmented reality with the physical environment.



Implementation and distribution of the AR project to the target audience. This may involve deploying applications on platforms such as the App Store or Google Play and configuring AR experiences on specific devices.

Augmented reality

Augmented Reality (AR) projects are initiatives that aim to integrate virtual elements into the real world, creating interactive and enriched experiences for users. These projects leverage specific technologies to seamlessly blend digital information, such as graphics, sounds, or data, with the user's physical environment. Augmented reality is commonly experienced through devices like smartphones, tablets, or smart glasses, which capture the physical reality and overlay virtual elements in real-time.


Augmented reality and motion capture

In the last 5 years, we have immersed ourselves in cutting-edge technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) and motion capture.

We have developed several mobile applications utilizing AR for consumer products, business cards, and events where end users discover animated 3D animals and collect them in an album, as well as for video games, among other applications.

We implement technologies such as motion recognition, object recognition, facial and body tracking, color detection, training of artificial intelligence models, etc. Our augmented reality applications are integrated with a web-based content manager, enabling real-time updates of assets displayed in AR, as well as the objectives used for these activations.

We have created motion-capture video games for a shopping center in Melbourne, Australia, aimed at demographic measurements of customers during the holiday season. Additionally, we have developed Instagram filters incorporating augmented reality and motion capture.

If you are interested in exploring the diverse range of augmented reality and motion capture projects we have undertaken, please visit our portfolio here