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In this phase we define the mechanics and the artistic style of the video game.



We develop the video game and create user interface, characters, etc.



We publish the video game on the platforms selected by the client.

Video games development

We design and develop 2D/3D video games, ranging from casual to mid-core complexity, with educational, advertising, and entertainment purposes. Our expertise extends across various platforms, including iOS, Android, PC, and mobile web. Whether creating engaging educational experiences, promoting brands through advertising games, or crafting entertaining content, we leverage our skills to deliver high-quality gaming solutions tailored to diverse needs.


Developing video games

Press Start was born as a game development studio 14 years ago, creating its intellectual properties (IP) that have reached over 250,000 players. For the past 10 years, we have extended our expertise to assist other studios in creating their own video games.

Understanding the influential role that video games play in teaching, entertaining, engaging, and conveying information, we have developed games with educational, advertising, and entertainment purposes:

In recent years, the growth of online education has been significant, and video games (gamification) have proven to be an excellent tool for knowledge transmission. Leveraging our experience, we simplify complex information into interactive exercises usable on educational platforms like Moodle or within video games, designing gamified experiences and platforms. Our clients, including governments, universities, financial institutions, and NGOs, have utilized this service.

The Advergames or games designed for advertising purposes that we’ve developed have been showcased at events such as congresses and trade fairs across various industries, including sports, fintech, alcoholic beverages, personal care, food, events, medical insurance, tourism, etc. These developments have been utilized by clients in different countries, including Australia, the United States, Colombia, and Uruguay. Among the prominent brands that have employed our Advergames are Colombian footballer James Rodríguez, the Association of Volleyball Professionals (AVP), MTV in collaboration with Sweet Tarts, Diageo, Western Union, Universidad del Rosario, and Avianca.

To explore the wide array of video game projects we have developed, please visit our portfolio here