“Expertienda” is a mobile application developed for the Rosario University (Bogotá, Colombia), having as end users merchants (owners of hairdressers, restaurants, stationeries, etc.) and shopkeepers in Colombia, seeking to educate themselves and update on how to improve certain aspects of their business.
The application has tools such as: calculator to determine the sale price of a product, glossary with key terms for their business, supplier directory to always have information on hand, etc. Likewise, the content is presented dynamically through modules and subtopics, which manage and provide key points within the different themes exposed. Each subtopic is divided into 3 main sections: Knowledge cards, trivia and know more. On the cards the user will find images and descriptive text. In the trivia, the information seen on the cards will be reinforced and through know more, users will be able to expand their knowledge through links, videos and other sources.
The content of the application can be dynamically updated and has an administrative tool as a customized solution to incorporate or edit content.

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