HRS Mission Training

Web gamification tool developed for the United States Government entity called U.S Office of Personnel Management (OPM) in collaboration with the brand agency Evviva Brands from San Francisco, California.

HRS Mission Training was developed with the aim of giving virtual training to new employees of the OPM office. This training had 7 levels each with 1 to 4 chapters. Each of these chapters obeyed a particular issue related to the daily life of this office and had a specific goal the user needed to solve. To progress in each situation, the game gave the user 3 or 4 options on how to move forward and he had to select the right decision, according to the mission, vision and values ​​of OPM. In some cases, HRS Mission Training presented the user with official documents to research and thus choose the correct answer.

To encourage the use of this gamification tool, this training gave the user positive points for each situation resolved. It also had a badge system that rewarded the player for excellence, less time to complete each level and for research the additional material presented. Finally, there was a leader board to create healthy competition among colleagues.

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