Virtual Reality Gallery (VR)

Software developed so that users can independently view 360 ​​video (s) of their choice. Each person using their VR headset chooses a video from the gallery and has full control to start, pause or change the video.

This software is connected to a web administrator in the cloud, where it allows real-time update of the videos displayed in the gallery.

This product was used in Brisbane, Australia for the EKKA (Royal Queensland Show) event. In this event, the VR gallery allowed the user to choose between 4 agricultural experiences such as visiting a lettuce crop or collecting eggs in sheds.

The VR gallery is ideal to offer a user, experiences that allow him to know or learn in an immersive way a specific process, product and / or places. Recommended for use in tourism, agricultural, real estate or any type of event where the viewing of a 360 video by a single user is required.

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